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How many children does the Activity Tent cater for?

What activities are included in the children’s Activity Tent?

How long does it take to set up?

Do I need to provide decoration for the marquee?

I don’t have space for a marquee. Can you set up an entertainment area for children at my venue?

Are your staff police checked?

Are you a crèche?

If the children are doing craft activities with you, won’t their smart clothes get ruined?

I have lots of babies attending my wedding. Do you cater for them?

Do I need to provide food for the children?

What activities can you provide for the children during the evening?

When does the Activity Tent close?

Can the marquee be put up on concrete?

If I am hiring the marquee for a garden party what is included?

How will I recognise your staff?

How do I book you?
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I hope this has been helpful. Any questions I haven’t covered please feel free to email and ask.

Off The Wall Entertainment Ltd - Uckfield - East Sussex